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Did You Know?
  • Hanover Township was organized in 1808.
  • Madison Township was organized in 1812.
  • Mary Ann Township was organized in 1817.
  • Perry Township was organized in 1818.
  • Toboso was organized in 1852 by William Stanbery, U.S. Congressman (1829 - 1833).
Other Facts:
  • Hillbilly Park - Wayne Newton made a huge impact on the area's music and entertainment.
  • The first settlers in Licking County were Elias Hughes, John Ratliff and their families in the Marne area in 1798.
  • Milton I. Southard, born 1836 in Hanover, was a U.S. Congressman, 1873 - 1879.
  • James W. Giffen of Hanover held at least 30 patents, which led to TV tubes, Corelle dishes and missile nose cones.